Play Vocabulary Games Around Thanksgiving

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Americans love to play all sorts of games when they get together as family and friends on holidays such as Thanksgiving. There are so many games that you can play, but as an ESL student why not have some fun around Thanksgiving playing vocabulary games with your friends. You could also suggest it as a classroom activity with your ESL classmates

Interactive Games


  1. Find or draw pictures of thanksgiving items such as a turkey, pilgrim hat or cornucopia and name the items in the drawings.
  2. Create a list of things using English words that you would do if you were a turkey. What would you do? What would you eat?
  3. Talk about how originally thanksgiving was celebrated and the first Thanksgiving when Native Americans and pilgrims came together.
  4. Another exercise: If turkeys never existed what do you think would have been the focus of a Thanksgiving meal? Get everyone to write down something.
  5. See who can write the most words out of the word THANKSGIVING.
  6. Create a Thanksgiving story with the group with everyone doing one line then folding the paper so the next person can’t see what the previous person wrote. Read it out at the end.
  7. Have an art contest to see who can draw the best pilgrim or turkey and say why it is the best drawing.
  8. List 10 things that need to be on the table at Thanksgiving. Whoever finishes the list first wins the game.

Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful for everything you have. What better way to have more fun than by playing vocabulary games. Why not see what fun and silly vocabulary games you and your classmates come up with this Thanksgiving!

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