Making Friends: A Friend in Every Country

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Making friends when traveling abroad can be an exciting yet daunting thing. There are so many different people, making friendsdifferent cultures, and different attitudes that you have to figure out to see who is more compatible with you. When studying abroad it has shown many students that you don’t need to travel to every country to make friends from right around the world. In your ESL classroom you can make a friend in every country without having to visit every country.

ESL classrooms or college classrooms thrive with a great diversity of people from all walks of life. It is estimated that in any college or school almost a half of the students are from foreign origin. With this great diversity in schools, students have the opportunity to make friends with many people right around the world.

Making a friend with someone from another country can have its benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Learning About A New Culture

Making friends with a foreign student you will start to learn about their culture. This may include their customs, their religion, their traditions and more. This allows you to compare the different cultures and see what differences there are in the world compared to where you live.

Learning A New Language

Another great thing is that you have the opportunity to learn a new language. This helps to broaden your vocabulary while opening your eyes to the way different languages speak. This is great if you’re looking to travel to their country in the future.

Learning About New Foods

Different cultures have different cuisines. When you make friends with a foreign student you also get a chance to know more about the different meals in the world. You may be surprised at exactly what each country and culture likes to eat.



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