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With the advancements in technology these days, there are many opportunities to capture a glimpse of your world in make a videoa whole new light. For students studying abroad why not see your teacher and ask if you can make a video about your host city with your class. Here are some tips when it comes to creating your city video.

Video Production Tips

  • Use your camcorders manual focus.
  • At every location set your white balance.
  • Keep the sun behind you when shooting outdoors.
  • Plan your shoot where you will be starting and where you will be ending.
  • For stable images use a tripod.
  • For those who don’t have a tripod pretend your camera is an overfilled hot coffee.
  • Zoom in before capturing your shot.
  • Only move the camcorder when needed.
  • Keep each shot an average length of 5-10 seconds.
  • Keep shots steady for at least 10 seconds.

Audio Recording Tips

  • External microphones are the best if you have one.
  • Keep your microphone as close as possible to any subject matter.
  • Use headphones while you shoot.
  • Try to avoid hand movements on the camcorder.
  • For people interviews use a handheld microphone.
  • Use a wireless mic to avoid tangles.
  • Always keep audio in the back of your mind when finding locations.
  • Don’t move the mic when recording.

Video Production Mistakes

  • Placing every subject in your frames centre.
  • Overusing zoom.
  • Staying in the one spot instead of looking at new angles.
  • Panning over the scene.
  • Shooting everything from the standing angles.
  • Taping only a few seconds per shoot.
  • Too much light on the background.

As you can see there are many different things you need to consider when producing a video of the city. If you follow these simple tips you can really make your video come alive and make a really great video of your city.

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