Like A Stranger In New Places When Studying Abroad

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As a student studying abroad, it can be difficult sometimes to get used to a new culture or the people around you. At the beginning you may feel like a stranger and you may struggle to communicate or adapt well in your new society.

Tips To Make You Feel Like Part OF The Community

  • Mindfully Adaptive – Being mindfully adaptive means that when studying abroad you are open to and aware of your surroundings and the people who occupy them. This means you are ready to learn about new things, embrace a new culture, and inform yourself about conversations and issues that take place in the community. You will need to be diplomatic and tactful and the best thing at the beginning is to be a listener rather than a talker. Hear what people sya, what they emphasis and what matters to them.  A sensitive understanding or your environment will mean a ready acceptance on your host’s part of your place in it.
  • Be Ready To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – When traveling abroad you are leaving your comfort zone behind. When studying abroad you won’t be able to do the same things that you once did at home, instead you will need to step outside what you feel is normal and explore new ways of doing things. This will help you to be a more resourceful capable individual and in turn your confidence about your abilities will grow.
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