Lifelong Friendships After Study

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College friends will probably be your friends for life. Studies from Hallmark Research show that those who make Lifelong Friendships friends between the age of 15-25 tend to be lifelong friends. In some ways this makes perfect sense as being a single college student they tend to need companionship more. Once you get married or start a new career you will have different companionships in other places.

So as a budding college student, how can you make the most of this? How can you foster and improve these friendships to make sure you are bringing the right people into your life and making them lifelong friends?

In order to do this you first need to understand the way that the bond with friends actually works and that it is different in college than what it is at other times of your lives. In high school you make friends through classes, football and so on. College you make friends during parties, late night study sessions and by just bumping into someone. Throughout high school you have family which you can depend on through the years while in college your friends are most likely the only option as you have probably moved away. This explains why most friends stick together after college.

So where do your friends come from? They may come from dorm rooms and you may form a strong bond with one of your roommates. Your roommate will be there when no one else is in the middle of the night. Living in the same place together tends to create stronger bonds and allows you to share memories. You may also find friends at political clubs, fraternities, music classes and more. Your lifelong friendship won’t be forced. It will come naturally and will be the best experience you will have while studying abroad and living in a brand new country.


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