Life Will Never Cease To Surprise, Amaze and Delight You When Studying In The USA

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Studying abroad in American will never cease to surprise delight or amaze you. In your time in the USA you will studying in the USAdiscover things about yourself and your host country that really will enlighten you. You will have surprising and life changing encounters that you wouldn’t have before your study abroad experience. The following are just some of the things that many students experience when studying in the USA.

So Many Flags!

America is a proud nation and no matter where you go you will see flags everywhere. This is a great thing and shows just how proud Americans are of their country.

Large Food Portions

That’s right just when you thought your food couldn’t get bigger, well it can. While living in America you will find out that you will see many large portions of food. From Supersized, mega, big, or large, America is the king of large food portions.

Lots Of Food Choices

You will also get the opportunity to choose from a variety of food. From salads or soup, half cap or decaf, baked potatoes or French potatoes, the possibilities and choices are endless!

Where’s Everyone?

Another thing that international students tend to be shocked at is the lack of people you may find on the streets. Stereotyping makes us believe that most places and cities are packed but in reality this isn’t true.

Very Friendly

Americans are well known for their friendliness and willing to help one another. On the streets you may get random smiles, clerks thanking their customers, and greetings from strangers. Americans pride themselves on their friendliness and are always helping every way they can.

Passionate About Politics

Politics are boring right, well not in America, many Americans are passionate about their politics and will talk nonstop about hem. If you don’t want to talk about politics then make sure you don’t bring it up.

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