Language in Every Shade and Stripe

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Everyone speaks a language, many speak more than one. Although when two people speak the same language they English language still may not speak it the same way that you do. There’s different terms that are used in linguistics, these terms are “variety” and “dialect” to describe speech particulars of any social or regional group. Although all language and speech belongs to a variety, the dominant class speech is popular and referred to as stand speech of minority groups which are known as dialects. In knowing the different varieties of the language it can tell you so much about a person, region, and history of the language.

An example is American English. American English varieties are a reflection of the USA’s cultural landscape. The most visible dialect of American English is Standard American English, while some varieties include Chicano English, Valley Girl English, California Surfer Dude English, Appalachian English, New York English, and Boston English. These are all spoken within the USA.

African American English is one of the popular varieties which can be heard right throughout the country through people, music and media. African American English is generally spoken by African Americans but not all of them as the language is not inherently linked. Other names that African American English goes by includes Ebonics, African American Language, African American Vernacular English and Black English.

Standard English and African American English have many linguistic differences between them, that it can be difficult to determine the origins. Although it is thought that African American English came about when they first made contact with English speaking settlers.

Today America is filled with different cultures which all speak the English language. No matter where you go you will see English in every shade and stripe being communicated between many people right throughout the country and the world.


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