How To Feel At Home In Your Host Country While Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad doesn’t necessarily mean that you should feel a stranger in your new country. In fact, there are many students who have come to believe that their study abroad experience teaches them that they can be at home and comfortable in their surroundings wherever they are. Although many may find it difficult at the beginning to feel at home in their host country, it doesn’t have to stay that way

Tips To Feel At Home Everywhere

  1. Accept Change – Whether you’re heading the USA, Australia, England, or Brazil, accept that there will be some big changes in your life. Change will come in many forms from what you eat, where you will stay, how you live, the currency and customs. To feel more at home in your host country, a positive, welcoming and optimistic attitude to the changes you are about to experience in your life is the only one worth having.
  2. Have Photos Of Family – When traveling take some copies of family and friend photos that you can put up on the walls of and have around you in your new home. Fill your new home with what is best about your real home.
  3. Decorate Your Room – Decorating your room with items that resemble those in your previous home will help to make the transition easier. Bring a couple of decorative items like paintings or bowls or vases or cuddly toys along with you from home.
  4. Immerse yourself In Your New Culture – As you will experience a new culture you will feel a little out of place at first but if you decide to immerse yourself and to and discover this new place, you will forget your homesickness as you come to know and gradually be familiar with the people and places around you. Feeling at home is just s step away from that!
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