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Studying abroad helps to deepen your knowledge of the world by teaching you about different cultures and global knowledge of the worldissues, both inside the classroom and outside in the community. Study abroad education means an international or global education because it helps you to gain better understanding on how the world works.

International or Global Education

International Education or Global Education are terms used for describing strategies which relate to:

  • Gaining knowledge of world cultures.
  • Gaining understanding of people, religion, relationships, environment, cultures, politics, economies, history, and geography throughout the world.
  • The study of cultural differences in relation to regional and national problems and conflicts.
  • Trying to act to influence private behaviour and public policy that is based on and informed by inter-cultural tolerance and understanding.

The integration of both types of educations is important to develop your attitude toward, skills around, and knowledge about the global community. Global education focuses on concepts which include events, processes, trends, and issues. It focuses on studies of world regions and in-depth education of specific cultures: their political organization, religion, literature, language, history, ecosystems and economic system.

Why Is Global and International Education So Important?

International and global education is important because in our globalized world what happens in one part of the globe can significantly impact other parts of the world.  We buy, sell and trade goods with one another on a scale unprecedented in human history, and are completely interdependent economically.

It is important to have an international perspective and a global mindset in order to understand countries, economic systems and culture factors which affect the functioning of those societies. By informing yourself about other countries, you become more adept at building bridges on both a personal and a political level.

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