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These are the most useful tips that will help perfect your adventure photography skills:

POV using action camera

Action Cameras have been designed to capture Point of View footage and shots with extreme sports in mind. However, for travel adventure photography, the GoPro and similar cameras have proved themselves to be more than a passing fad.  They become not only a must have for capturing extreme sports and action footage, but also for travel adventure photography and videography. No longer a toy, the adventure camera is a must-have travel accessory.  They are so portable and durable and yet capable of producing magnificent images.

Adventure Photography Tips

Many of the videos and stills you see look like they have been professionally shot and edited.  But no.  It’s just that the photographer employed some trick and tips.  These are the most useful tips that will help perfect your adventure photography skills:

  1. The closer the better
  2. Don’t just take one shot
  3. Use a mount – there are literally hundreds of them for all sorts of activities and purposes. The stability that you get from using a mount is a big reason the shots look so good.  We have another pieces specifically on recommended mounts for travel photography
  4. If you are not using a mount, keep this light and small camera steady! Because of the size and weight it can move around so easily.
  5. If you are using it with just your hands, use a tether so that if it slips, it does not fall. The risk of it falling is not so much it will break – these gadgets are very tough – but that it will disappear down some ravine, river or rathole.
  6. Slow the camera down on action shots. Slow, smooth and steady shots are the key to great videos.
  7. Try different angles. Experiment with different viewpoints of the same subject. Be creative and take some risks. Because of the camera’s versatility, added to which you can use all these mounts and settings, the images you are able to capture could surprise you
  8. Use filters to accentuate or control light and contrast. You can use neutral density filters t tone down very bright light, for example. Red filters to make the underwater scenes clearer and less murky.
  9. Keep your camera on when recording an ongoing situation if possible. If you have a backup battery, you can afford to use that wifi, and not risk losing anything. –
  10. Aim the camera low. Because GoPro and other adventure cameras give you very wide angles, you want to get a good proportion of the land shot and not find you merely have images of the sky. You can’t control how the GoPro will expose your shot but you can compose your shots by avoiding the sky as much as possible to avoid getting a white sky if your subject is in the shadows.
  11. Use the Time-Lapse mode to capture great selfie photos. This mode automatically takes a photo every .5 seconds after you press the shutter once.

Using these guidelines, you will be really thrilled with your efforts at adventure photography.  The action camera is really made for the task and adventure photography has never been easier.

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