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How to take the best selfies? There’s not a better camera for taking selfies than the Go Pro and other action cameras. Because of these camera’s wide angles,  they beat out simple point and shoot camera because the lenses  bring so much into a frame – the background scene, the foreground, and then, of course, yourself.

best selfies

take the best selfies to remember your study abroad adventure

So, on your study abroad adventure, not only can you capture images of you, but of you in the context of the beautiful places you are visiting.

Here are some other tips and tricks to taking the best selfies.

    1. Put the settings on burst mode, press the shutter and quickly hold the camera out. Try to be quick because takes a burst of photos very rapidly. You can then choose the best selfies once you have downloaded them.
    2. You can also take a short video and then screen-grab it later. If you do this, what you need to use GoPro Studio or a similar program, and export the still from your file and then edit it. When you edit you need to select the desired video clip then follow these instructions based on whether you have a Mac or Windows system:        Mac instructions – Make sure the frame you want to export is displayed in the player window, then selecting Share > Export Still.                Windows Instructions – Select the frame and display it in the window, then select File > Export > Still Image
    3. Use GoPole Reach so that you can take a shot of yourself without the assistance of anyone else and you can take your selfie from all sorts of angles – be they from above, or below. This gadget can shrink to 17 inches or extend to 40.
    4. Find your Frame. Because of the wide angle of the lens, it’s important to know where to aim when trying to take that perfect selfie shot. If you want to capture a selfie, you should instead point the lens toward your chest to avoid capturing a large amount of sky above your head. If you have a GoPro Hero 4, you are even able to review footage and photos immediately after you take them on the LCD screen.
    5. Use Time Lapse mode. This mode automatically takes a photo every .5 seconds after you press the shutter once, so you can have time to set up for your best selfie angle.
    6. While you do need to be close to your subject with your Action Camera, sometimes you can get too close. When taking pictures of people (or doing selfies) be sure to stay at arm’s length to avoid distorting people’s faces.

By adopting these tips and tricks, your action camera is going to produce the best selfies ever!

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