Travel Packing List Tips For Student Travelers

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When traveling abroad for study or leisure it is important to pack accordingly to ensure you have all you need while travel packing list you’re in your host country. For those who are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime here are some travel packing tips to get you started.


If you own a suit case which is older than 8 years old it might be good to replace it with new and more modern luggage. These days the materials used in luggage is much lighter and more durable to handle the modern day travel sessions. There are many that offers multiple compartments including a strong zipper, expandable sides, longer handles, and easy to move wheels.

Take A Smaller Bag

A lighter weight bag is also important to take with you. A small bag is ideal for day trips around the city without you having to carry a large piece of luggage with you. With you smaller bag try to avoid wheels as this may limit you with where you will be carrying it.


When packing your clothes accommodate for your destination. There’s no point in taking a lot of heavy winter clothing if you are going to an area that is currently in summer. Pack an assortment of items which don’t need ironing, and which are lightweight. Pack 1 or 2 pairs of cold weather clothing just in case there is a down turn in the season.


You should be able to pack enough underwear for 2 days. Be prepared to do laundry and try to avoid using the same underwear twice if it is dirty as this may cause problems with rashes or infections.


Depending on where you’re going it’s important to take good comfortable footwear. Make sure you try it on before you travel to make sure it doesn’t give you blisters or sore feet. Nothing’s worse than traveling and you can’t see the sights because of sore feet.

If all else fails go shopping. If you have the money and you have forgotten something, just buy it in your host country. Remember packing lightly is the key and by packing accordingly you can easily have all you need without over packing.

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