Top 10 Travel Myths You Should Know

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Whether you’re traveling to the USA, Canada, or Europe, you may hear plenty of different opinions on some of the travel myths dos and don’ts of travel. However how do you know what is a real advice and what is a myth? Here are the top 10 travel myths that you may not have known.

  1. One Way Tickets Tend To Be More Expensive Than A Round Trip Ticket

Although this used to be true, today though you can get one-way tickets that are far cheaper than round trip tickets. Before purchasing round trip tickets check all your options first.

  1. Luxury Hotels Are Worth Their Price

Luxury always comes with a price tag, although there are lower hotels that offer some great benefits without the additional price tag. Always check and compare accommodation options before reserving your accommodation options.

  1. Hostels Are Cheaper Than Any Other Accommodation

Often hostels can be a lot cheaper but you have to share a room with up to 10 people. Last minute deals are a great way of saving money. You can also see whether there are competitive rates available. Sometimes it may be cheaper to spend some extra money to have a room all to yourself.

  1. Booking Tickets Well In Advance Is Cheaper

Although in the past this may have been true, these days it isn’t so much. Booking 6 weeks before your trip doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper prices. Studies have shown that there isn’t really much difference in the price of your tickets whether you buy them early or late. They may only be cheaper if there is an early bird sale on.

  1. Duty Free Has The Best Prices

A study comparison showed there were deals on chocolate, alcohol, and cigarettes while items such as watches and perfumes are still best bought in your favourite shop.

  1. Breathing Used Air On A Plane Will Make You Sick

This isn’t true, if it were true you would see it with the flight attendants. The air is filtered and recycled. The best way to avoid sickness is to wash and sanitise hands while drinking plenty of water.

  1. Cruise Packages Cover All Expenses

Although cruise prices may be expensive, it doesn’t mean that the price covers all costs. Certain things such as meals, soft drinks, and water may be covered but alcohol, internet, and other attractions may not be depending on your cruise. Be sure to check to see what you will be getting with your cruise.

  1. Weekend stays are much more expensive

In some cases yes, but there are plenty of savings you can get when booking accommodation on weekends. Many businesses do cater for travellers with specials and discounts.

  1. You don’t Need Travel Insurance

This one is a big myth! You should always have travel insurance when traveling abroad or throughout the country. This way it can cover any expenses you may have if an incident occurs.

  1. English Is Spoken Everywhere

Depending on where you will be traveling you will see many English speaking people. Although don’t always expect people around you to speak English, there are some countries like Japan and China where you may not see many English speakers.


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