Things I Wish I had Known About Travel Abroad

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Traveling abroad is something that is challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Before setting off on your travel travel abroad abroad adventure here are some things that many students have said in the past on what they had wished they’d known before traveling abroad to reduce their stress levels.

What You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

  1. Maps – Maps are essential for any location you are heading off to. Don’t just ‘wing it’. It’s always good to have a map on hand. Not only will they get you out of your unexpected predicament, but you can find things a whole lot easier. These days mobile phones offer maps which are easy to access, user friendly, and are easy to read.
  2. Don’t Over Pack Clothes – Although it may seem necessary when traveling to pack around 4 months’ worth of clothes, in reality it really isn’t needed. In most cases you only need to take clothing for a few weeks and with access to a washing machine you can easily just wash your clothing, saving you space on your travel trip.
  3. Getting Lost Isn’t As Bad As It Seems – Sometimes getting lost in the city isn’t bad as it seems. You may find some memorable places or see some great things. You may find hidden gems including local restaurants, unique cafes, or hidden alleyways with stores. Don’t be afraid to explore but make sure it is in a crowded area.
  4. Bring A Weekend Bag – Most weekends are dedicated for travel. If this is the case instead of taking a large suitcase with you all the times, why not take a smaller weekend bag with you on short trips. Not only is it easier for you to carry but you aren’t weighed down.
  5. Little Sleep – Between studying, traveling, and exploring, you may find it hard to get some good sleep. Always be prepared for the changes in your sleeping pattern, and make sure you accommodate for times when you may not get much sleep
  6. Waters Not Free – Depending on the country you visit you will find that water isn’t free and that in fact it can be more expensive than wine. To help save on cost take a water bottle and refill it wherever you go.
  7. Restaurants – When visiting restaurants be prepared to be there for a while. Some restaurants allow guests to socialise and will take their time to bring you the cheque. If you are ready to leave be sure to tell the waiter you are ready to pay.
  8. Don’t Stress – Although it can be hard at times, try not to stress too much. Your time will go fast enough and you don’t want to miss out on anything because you’re too stressed out.


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