How Studying Abroad Transforms Foreign Students

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Studying abroad has become an increasingly popular option worldwide, and its growth has given rise to a research foreign studentsinto changes in behaviour and attitude undergone by foreign students who have studied abroad.  Research reveals that this group develop a number of qualities such as social skills and a broadening of understanding of other cultures.

The Ways in which the Study Abroad Experience Transforms You

They learn Social Skills, and the Art of Diplomacy – Expressing Feelings Honestly: International students tend to experience their feelings of grief, appreciation, dislike, love, and anger much more openly and honestly than their peers who have not gone abroad. They also learn to control their emotions more effectively when such emotions will be considered inappropriate in a different cultural or social context. In short, they mature.

They are prepared to take more Risks and are more CuriousPlayful Childlike Curiosity: International students also tend to be more curious. They want to know new things, how things work and ask plenty of questions. They enjoy and thrive on new experiences.

They become more ReflectiveConstantly Learning From New Experiences: International students tend to be exposed to more experiences, and are open to, and in fact welcome, the new challenges and experiences, using them to reflect on the impact and how they can improve themselves through these life experiences.

They are a more Positive Group  of People Always Expect The Best From The Worst: International students  are an optimistic bunch! In general they come out of upbringings which have engendered these standards, values and attitudes. They have a greater tolerance for worst case scenarios, can operate in a professional manner and see the best side of most things.

They are Solution OrientedReads Empathy Well: International students learn to see through the eyes of others. They have the ability to empathise with those around them, as they too have had to face challenges and hardships as they stepped out of their comfort zone when they chose to study abroad.

Their Goal is Self- ImprovementGets Better With Time: International students are generally resilient and competent. They would rather experience and enjoy life to the fullest, and are not satisfied with mere survival.


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