Religious Cultural Etiquette For Travellers

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Religion is seen in many forms right throughout the world. From Buddhism to Christianity, there is always Religious Cultural Etiquettesomething unique about each individual religion. For those traveling throughout the world, it is important to respect different beliefs. The following are religious culture etiquette for travellers when moving through sacred places.

Buddhist Temples

  • Take off hats and shoes before entering the temple.
  • Cover your shoulders at all times.
  • Stand up when nuns or monks enter.
  • Before taking a picture always ask permission.
  • When handing over a donation always use your right hand.
  • Never point to another person, always face your palm open to the ceiling in the direction of the person.
  • Never touch statues of Buddha.
  • If you are a woman don’t touch Buddhist monks
  • Don’t face your back to a Buddha statue, walk backwards away from the Buddha.

Hindu Temples

  • Take your shoes off before you enter a Hindu temple.
  • Cover your legs and shoulders.
  • Before taking a picture ask permission.
  • When giving donations use your right hand.
  • Avoid wearing leather inside a Hindu Temple.

Muslim Mosques

  • Take off all hats, shoes, and sunglasses.
  • Cover your hair and head.
  • Dress conservatively at all times.
  • Pay close attention to any signs that are placed at the entrance as some are for men and some are for women.
  • During prayer avoid taking pictures.

Christian Churches

  • In some churches take of your shoes.
  • Cover your knees and shoulders within the church.
  • Before taking pictures ask for permission.
  • Don’t cross your legs when you sit in Greek Orthodox churches.

Jewish Synagogues

  • If you’re a man wear a yarmulke.
  • Dress conservatively at all times.
  • Pay attention to seating and entrances.
  • During Shabbat don’t use cameras.
  • Avoid turning your back to the western wall.

As you can see when entering a scared place it is important to follow the rules to pay respect to those around you. By respecting the different beliefs and different cultures, you will not only learn more but see a whole new side of the different religions.



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