Cycling Tips For Cycling In The Cities

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Cycling in a big city seems daunting but does not have to be.  Most US cities have become very bike-friendly and Cycling Tipsthere are special lanes and driver know to respect cyclists as other users of the road.  Still, you need to be a respectful and safe cyclist just as a driver needs to be a safe user of the road.

Cycling Tips

Don’t Be Timid

Cities are full of heavy congested traffic and everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. When cycling in a big city, find out about where there are safe cycle routes. If there are not any special routes, move with the traffic and keep a safe distance from vehicles.

Pass Cyclist On The Lane’s Far Edge

When passing another cyclist in the lane make sure you pass on the far edge.

Lock Your Bike When Its Unattended

Always carry a bike lock and lock your bike to a designated bike stand or a pole.  Leave it in a place where there are a lot of people around.

Ride A Lightweight Bike

A lightweight bike is better for the streets of the city. Ask at the bike shop which is the best kind of bike for you.  If you plan to use your off-road, you may want to hire or buy a mountain or off-road bike.



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