10 Things To Consider About ESL Abroad

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Each and every year there are thousands of people that pack their bags and travel overseas to learn English in ESL Abroad countries including the USA, England, Canada, Australia and more. There are many people who believe that traveling to an English speaking country is better than staying in their own country, while others believe that they will have higher advantages in learning English in their own country. While both are good arguments, there are definitely some benefits and disadvantages about studying abroad. Here are some things to consider about studying ESL abroad.

Studying Abroad Disadvantages

  1. Studying abroad doesn’t mean you will magically learn English right away. Like any other language it takes time to learn a new language. You still have to pay attention to those speaking around you and study hard.
  2. Studying abroad can really be hard for many prospective students. You will miss friends, family, food, and anything from your home town that you love. You will go through culture shock but you will get through it over time.
  3. Studying abroad can be expensive. When studying abroad it will cost money. Depending on where you’ll be studying abroad will depend on how expensive it will cost. You will need money before arriving in the country for accommodation, food, and other expenses.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

  1. You’re surrounded by English which can help with learning the language a little faster because you hear it spoken more often. You will hear it on the streets, on the TV, and in the stores that you visit. This makes it easier for you to see how words are spoken in sentences.
  2. You experience a new world of opportunity. By studying abroad you will open your eyes to a new culture, ways of doing things, and get to know new people. This will broaden your horizons to the rest of the world.
  3. You also have the opportunity to become more independent to look after yourself. This includes cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, washing clothes, transportation, and more. This allows you to become confident and self-sufficient which will make you get ahead in

Studying abroad has many great advantages and some disadvantages. By weighing up both options you can easily make the right decision when it comes to your life.

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