10 Facts About The Study Abroad Experience

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Studying abroad can be a great and wonderful experience no matter where you’re traveling. For those who wish to Study Abroadsee the sights of the world, here are some of the best 10 facts about the study abroad experience you may not have known.

Fun Facts About Your Experiences When Studying Abroad

  1. Mt Everest

Mt Everest is probably the best known  mountain in the world. Although did you know that even at 8850mm, Mt Everest is still actually growing around 4mm per year. The reason for this is that it is being pushed upwards by the tectonic plates below. When you make it to the base of Mount Everest you are greeted by many climbers all ready to take on the journey and experience of climbing the highest mountain in the world.

  1. Mexico City

While Mexico City is densely populated, did you know that it is actually sinking roughly 10cm per year. This is due to the soft lake bed below it and then the pumping of the subterranean water reserves. This is an alarming decent and can be seen throughout the city with the cracking of the pavements and the lopsided buildings.

  1. Vatican City

Encircled by the enticing couture of Italy, the smallest independent state in the world is still sticking to its traditions. The Swiss Guard still wears the Raphael inspired uniform. The Vatican City has its own currency coins, flag, license plates, and its own anthem.

  1. El Pueblo De Nuestra Senora La Reina De Los Angeles USA

Los Angeles once had a very long name which meant Town Of Our Lady The Queen Of The Angels. Originally a farming community back in 1781, Los Angeles has since transformed itself into delivering the city that it is today. It is now home to the Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Angels which stand 11 storeys in the sky with an alabaster mosaic which is seen throughout the entire interior.

  1. Nuestra Senora Santa Maria Del Buen Aire, Argentina.

Once referred to as Lady St Mary Of The Goof Air, today it is just called Buenos Aires. It’s a city of cosmopolitan cafes, colonial avenues, and a variety of all night parties. It’s home to the teachings of the Tango, and features vibrant squares, leafy parks, and faded ballrooms.

  1. London Underground, England

The world’s first subway was London’s Metropolitan Railway. Opened in 1863, this 6km section ran between Farringdon and Paddington. It was a big hit back in the day with steam trains filling the tunnels and stations with plenty of smoke. The London Transport Museum retraces some part of the Paddington To Covent Garden’s original route.

  1. Venice Italy

Venice is home to the famous Gondola. Each gondola is manufactured from 280 pieces of 8 wood types. The left side is 24cm longer than the right side which increases manoeuvrability. The gondola represents different parts of this beautiful city. The six districts are echoed on the front of the gondola. The Giudecca Island is on the back while the Rialto Bridge is on the lunette.

  1. Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China is one of the most well-known manmade structures on earth. It once stretched 7300km with around 2000km still existing. The Great Wall Of China was built in the 7th and the 4th centuries BC. It is a huge tourist attraction and shows of the power and skills those had many years ago.

  1. Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain is found in Cape Town and features a size of 1087m. Its lofty plateau feature a dense cloud cover which is known as the ‘tablecloth’. This sandstone mountain features a variety of trekking trails and has the recently reintroduced klipspringer antelope which can be seen from time to time.

  1. Uluru, Australia

Australia is the land down under and is an extraordinary rock formation which is situated in the heart of Australia in the state of the Northern Territory. It’s famous for its russet desert and fiery orange red color against the sunset. It is one of the world’s largest monoliths and is a sight to be seen. When visiting Uluru, it is advised to be respectful of the native aboriginal cultures and rules when it comes to Uluru.



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