The Best Travel Blogs That Make A Great Read

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Traveling is one of the best things that you can do with your life. Not only do you get to see the world but you also getTravel Blogs to meet new people and see new cultures and ways of life. For those travel enthusiasts, the following are some of the best travel blogs you can read to inspire you to do some more traveling.

Great Travel Blogs That Make A Good Read

C’est Christine – Christine has lived in Australia and France and has backpacked solo around Southeast Asia. She has proven that you can still have a settled life while having a full time job and still be able to see the world. She mixes real life with ambitious travel as she takes long and short trips around the world.

Mapping Words – Sarah writes her blog with the long term slow travelers who have immersed themselves in foreign countries. She goes beyond the where to go and what to do and looks more into the culture, language and people that reside in the world.

The Great Affair – Candice gives readers something really beautiful. Her travel blogs reveal beautiful photos, travel sketches and so much more which, instead of picking up a camera, you will want to pick up the pen and paper instead.

That Backpacker – Audrey has travelled the world and is living in Korea teaching students how to speak English. She’s on an XXX Southeast Asia tour with her boyfriend Nomadic Samuel, who is also a blogger.

The Young Adventuress –  With over 30 countries under her belt, Liz has been traveling for many years. She is now in the process of moving to New Zealand. She offers great reading for the young travelers.

Ashley Abroad – Ashley, at the age of 21, took her normal life and transformed it into something amazing. 3 weeks after graduation she moved to Paris and hasn’t looked back since.

Anywhere but Home – Naomi is always on the move and is sharing her adventures with you through her amazing photography.

Christine in Spain – Christine was born in Seattle but for the past several years has been living in Spain. She digs deep into Spain’s living, culture, and food.

Alex in Wanderland – Alex is living in Indonesia and always has something to share. She captures beautiful underwater photos and gives you insight into this amazing place.

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