The Best Student Travel Blogs For The Budding Traveler

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Travel blogs are a great read no matter where you’re from. When you’re a student who is ready to travel the world, student travel blogs why not read some student travel blogs first to give you insight into just how much fun traveling can be. The following are the 10 best student travel blogs that are a must read for any budding student traveler.

Traveling Savage

Keith is a traveler but does his unique spin on things. He tends to travel for one month at a time up to 3 or 4 times per year and then focuses on immersing himself fully in the place he visits by experiencing the culture and understanding how those in the community live every day.

A popular post includes: The Importance Of The Quest

Nomadic Chick

In her late 30s, Jeannie has broken free from the stiff corporate world to pursue her dreams of writing and traveling. Laid off her job sooner than expected she has hit the road earlier than planned with India in her sight. Jeannie has plans to become a digital nomad while never having to return to her normal office job.

Johnny Vagabond

In March Wes began his low budget world trip in Thailand and is now exploring Cambodia. He details his stories in a hilarious way and also shares helpful information about his packing list and budget.

A popular post includes: Three Mistakes On A Hot Day In Bangkok

The Road Forks

Patrick and Akila are completing their trip around the world in sections. They have spent 6 months travelling around New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia before they headed back to the US for a short break. They plan to head off again in May to Japan and other countries along the way.

A popular post includes: On Stuff And Things

The Aussie Nomad

Chris first got his career break in his late 20’s and after 6 years of being in a cubicle, Chris decided to start his Paris trip before heading off to Europe. He then settled in the UK for a few years to find work.

A popular post includes: Why Do You Travel?

Go Abroad Blog

Go abroad is dedicated solely to international student travel in all of its forms.

A popular post is: Dear Mom and Dad I am Studying Abroad

Bacon Is Magic

Ayngelina has been on the road for a couple of months now. She first started out in Mexico before heading down through South America and Central America. She expresses freely about the up and downs of the travelling life.

A popular post includes: Must Try Street Food In The Yucatan Peninsula

Travels Of Adam

Graphic designer Adam is from Boston who has arrived in Spain to kick-start his round the world trip. His trip will consist of Australia, Asia, and Europe.

A popular post includes: Planning A RTW Trip In 23 Steps


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