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We love our international students to feel that they are not only welcome here, but also part of the TALK family.  So, it was wonderful to have our TALK Fort Lauderdale student, Andres Parra, confirm that indeed, students feel comforted, welcome and supported the moment they enter the TALK environment. Says Andres:

I am so welcome here!

international student you are welcome here

Andres felt so welcome here!

“I decided to study English because I want to start an MBA program at NOVA University. But, where would I study English? Where should I start? I went to many institutes and none of them fit me. So, when I arrived at TALK, I didn’t have high expectations, but the woman at the front desk (Dina) made all the difference.  People said, “first impressions are the most important” and sometimes it is.  When I entered the atmosphere “struck” me, it was a happy and warm feeling.  It was at that moment that I decided to study at TALK and, through my conversation with Dina, it was reconfirmed.

“Since that introduction, people here were really nice and friendly.  I started in Level 4, and my first class was a little bit weird.   On the one hand, I wasn’t able to communicate well, and the other, I really enjoyed it.  Four days later, I took my first test and I failed.  Many experiences during my first week made me a little worried, but, then, over the next weeks, Stephen, my teacher, made me feel comfortable, and I quickly improved my English.

“Well, my ‘trip’ had begun.  I thought that I would learn only from teachers, but it wasn’t like that.  It was about everything: teachers, friends, experiences, but most importantly, I was learning the American culture.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I had many teachers through my course (Juliana, Mark, Karen, Karla, Jacki, etc.), all of them were awesome! I don’t any complaints about them, and they taught me more than English, I believe that was the “key”. I am thankful for each one because all of them were happy to help me, and made the study program really personal.  If I asked for extra homework, they were able to give me more, always with a smile on their faces.  Now, I’m ready to graduate from TALK and I feel ready to start my MBA studies. I just can say that this was a wonderful experience and it feels sad that it’s over, but I’ll keep this institute in my heart. TALK is a familiar place, a school where everyone has a spot, where everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or your skin color. I would not change my last year for anything!”


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