From Brazil to an American University: Student Lucas Pereira Describes his ‘incredible experience’ at TALK

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“I come from Brazil. Studying at TALK English Schools was an incredible experience that I’ll keep with me forever.” Lucas Pereira

Coming from Brazil, this has been an ‘Incredible experience’

“I made the right decision when I came to study English here” says Lucas, who hails from Brazil.
Since my brother lives here, I decided to come in order to practice my English and have some new experiences in a new country. I didn’t come with many intentions like other students did, but after some time studying here I started changing plans, and opening my mind to new opportunities that would emerge. Once I decided to study and do my undergraduate in a university here, I had all the support necessary to clear doubts and to prepare myself for that.  It goes without saying that the teachers played an important role in my achievements.  All the staff, in general, helped me improve my English even when I was outside the classroom.

“The teachers played an important role in my achievements”


Every week the school proposes activities, like going bowling or even shopping, so that the students can have a good time and give the opportunity to meet each other. That is joyful not only because it helps the students interact, but also because it keeps their minds going in English. Going to the Everglades was an experience completely new for me, and I still have the picture of the huge alligators.

The Teachers

Each day at school was so fun that going to school became pleasant. The teachers and the students create a relationship that makes the class enjoyable. Besides that, I believe that having different teachers for each session and also for each level was important, because the students could learn from different styles, and extract the best from each teacher.

Cultural Diversity

Coming here also gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to meet people from many countries. I learned many things from the students and they also learned many things from me and about my country. This experience is priceless and unique, especially since I could have never experienced that if I hadn’t come here.

In general, this experience surpassed my expectations and now, at the end, I can tell myself that I made the right decision when I came from Brazil to study English here.

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