Colombian TV Reporter Maritza Mantilla Learns English at TALK!

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Maritza Mantilla, a journalist from Colombia, felt she needed to improve her English skills, so she enrolled at TALK English Schools. Here, she explains why she chose to learn English at TALK, and of her experience so far!

Brushing up on English –  a journalist’s time at TALK Fort Lauderdale

at TALK“My name is Maritza Mantilla. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and have lived there all my life. I am a journalist and host of a travel and adventure show called Travesia.

At TALK I am learning how to use this key that will open doors to a more successful path

I started this year with a strong determination to accomplish something new and different in my life, something with a specific goal that could help me in my future.
That is when the idea to study was born. My second thought was what to study and where. I finally decided to study English in the USA.

I went online and searched for English schools in the USA. TALK caught my eye. As soon as I went on the TALK website I knew with certainty that I wanted to study there.

Within a month, I prepared for my trip to South Florida, told my parents, my boyfriend, my job and took care of my responsibilities before coming here. As soon as I got to the USA I knew this was a great opportunity for me.

My experience so far (this is my second week at school) is wonderful! Since day one I felt this was a comfortable atmosphere. It didn’t take me long to make new friends from different cultures and various parts of the world. I have improved my English a lot! Each day I learn new things and each time I feel happier with my decision to study here.

I recommend TALK because I have not only learned new words and grammar, but I am also preparing to live in a more competitive world. Here I am learning and becoming more disciplined in my studies.

I know this new experience will be very beneficial to my future as a journalist. This experience will open many new doors for me and I will feel more confident when I interview people who only speak English. I will also be able to travel anywhere in the world and know how to communicate with English-speaking people and that makes me feel really happy.

Each day while getting ready for school at TALK Fort Lauderdale, I do it with the highest level of enthusiasm and a total intention to learn and grow. I want to take advantage of each day because I know that each moment in school is a moment to learn, and knowing that will give me an advantage in the future.

If somebody asked me what has been one of the best experiences in my life, I would say with complete confidence that choosing to study in another country has been one of the best decisions I have made – to study something that is so useful and meet people from all over the world with which I share a common language.

Maritza’s show Travesia is broadcast every weekend at 12 pm on the Colombian network Caracol and can be seen online at

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