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Throughout your ESL studies, you will come across many tests which will challenge you. Although these tests may beEnglish Grammar Test daunting, they are an important part of learning English as a whole. The following is a grammar test that you can try to test your English grammar skills. Simply select which answer you think is the right one.

Grammar Tests For ESL Students

It’s my birthday today! _____________

  • Well done
  • Congratulations
  • Help yourself
  • Thanks a lot

What time will you be back home? ­­­­­_______________

  • That’s it
  • After all
  • Not at all
  • Around twelve

Are you hungry? ­­­­­______________

  • A few
  • Not any
  • Not many
  • Just a bit

Do you like school? ­­­­­______________

  • A few
  • Much less
  • Not much
  • More or less

Is this the first time you have been to Britain? ­________________

  • Yes, I have
  • Yes, I am
  • Yes, it is
  • No, I have

Is the weather like this in your country?  ________________

  • Not bad
  • More or less
  • Not much
  • Very good

How often do you see your parent? When I ­­­­­­_______

  • Am
  • Have
  • Can
  • Do

We’re going to the disco. _______________

  • Do it again
  • Have fun
  • Really fun
  • Help yourself

The phone’s ringing _________________

  • I’ll do it
  • I’ll ring it
  • I’ll see it
  • I’ll get it

See you tomorrow. _____________

  • You will
  • Yes, see you
  • Sure enough
  • There you are

Do you want another drink? ______________

  • Please do
  • No thanks
  • Can you?
  • I’m going to

Do you have mobile phones in your country? _______________

  • Sometimes
  • That’s true
  • Not at all
  • Of course


This is one great grammar test which can really help to improve your skills. To find out your answers simply input your answers here in the correct areas to find out whether you have them all correct. If you don’t get them all correct, why not try again to see if you can get all the answers right!

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