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With word activities as part of your vocabulary skill set, you can create various team word activities in or out of the classroom or you can do your own word activity on one of the many such sites on the internet.

Building your vocabulary can be an active or passive pursuit.  Reading is a very good ‘passive’ way of improving vocabulary.When you create word lists, this is an ‘active’ method. Both the active and passive ways of learning new words and building your vocabulary can be made to be enjoyable and engaging and you can have a lot of fun increasing your English word knowledge and usage.

Recommended Word Activities.

word activitiesThere are a lot of downloadable programs and websites which are active learning tools for vocabulary building. These word activities are great to use. Here are a few active learning tools which will really help you improve your vocabulary and which we like:

  1. VocabMonk is an active learning tool which is personalized and makes sure you grasp the learned words by applying it. It is a lot of fun too as you can play vocabulary challenges with your friends.  Give it a shot! You can also use the YouTube version of VocabMonk, which is great as it teaches 5 ESL/EFL Dictionary Skills Activities
  2. Another great activities website is nhttp://www.sporcle.com/games/tags/vocabulary

Alternatively, you can choose the old-fashioned way to engaging in word activities. A dictionary can be a fun tool with which to create various word activities.  Most students of English language own a dictionary (or they should!), but few are taught how to use it. Try some of these activities to get to know your way around a dictionary and ultimately to expand your vocabulary.

  1.  Alphabet ordering. Create cards with the alphabet on it. Form teams of fellow ESL learners and then race to put the alphabet in the correct order.
  2. Open the dictionary. See how pages are devoted to the different letters of the alphabet, and understand that the dictionary is not neatly divided into 26 (the number of letters in the English alphabet). If playing with a few other English language students, call out a letter at random and the students just get one chance to open the book in that section.

There are many other dictionary and online vocabulary building skills and word activities which you can do yourself or get a bunch of friends to participate, and make learning English more fun.


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