So You Want to Learn English

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So you want to learn English but you aren’t as motivated as you would like to be? English as a Second Language can So you want to learn Englishbe beneficial for those whose life or career goals demand English language proficiency. Here are some simple pointers to help you keep focused and motivated as you embark your project.

The Simple Plan to Learn English

  1. Put up initial learning effort.
  2. Learn the grammar well.
  3. Speak the language as much as you can.
  4. Forget about the Englishman’s accent!

5 Great Reasons Learning English Is So Important  

  1. Communication: The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Because it is commonly used, learning English as a second language will help to enrich your experiences and broaden opportunities.
  2. Bilingual: Whether it is English or another language, bilingualism has benefits for you both professionally and personally. Bilingualism helps you develop relationships and ties with other cultures and also makes you more employable in English speaking countries.
  3. Job Opportunities: English is the language of tourism, diplomacy, computers, aviation, and science. Learning and understanding English will increase your overall chances of getting the career you want with companies that operate in the global business environment.  It opens the door to new and better paying job opportunities.
  4. Media Industry: The language of the communications and media world is predominantly English, especially in the realm of movies, TV shows and popular music.
  5. Education: Many academic and research fields are very dependent on English for specialised terms for those fields. Gaining a qualification in English relies heavily on whether you can understand the course material. Having knowledge of the English language will allow you to apply for educational courses in your desired field of learning.
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