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DOROTHY TALKINGAhhhh!  So many ways to talk the (English)  talk!

The English language is constantly being populated with new words. No word demonstrates this more than the word  ‘talk.’  From Olde English to today’s Urban Dictionary, people love putting a new spin on our very favorite human activity!

All about the work talk

    1. The formal synonyms of the verb talk

      speak, converse, say, discuss, confer, voice, utter, articulate, confabulate, orate, verbalize and vocalize,voice, enunciate, articulate, express or communicate.

    2. Then we use the informal equivalents of talk

      chat, chatter, gossip, yak, gab, jaw, go on, chew the fat/rag, natter, rabbit, twitter, rap, run off at the mouth, mouth, have a confab.

    3. Here are some long-winded ways that just mean talk

      speak to each other, discuss things, have a talk, have a chat, have a tête-à-tête, confer, consult each other, negotiate, have negotiations, parley, palaver.

    4. Well said!

      Well said!

      It’s funny how many words there are to describe foolish, trivial,  idle and nonsense talk!!

      These words are mostly nouns, but some can be used as verbs which definitely fall into the category of slang (mostly of the US and Canadian kind)

      garbage, hot air guff,  moonshine, verbiage, claptrap, gobbledegook, tosh, hogwash, hokum, rigmarole, piffle,  inanity, balderdash, bosh, eyewash, trumpery, tommyrot,  horsefeathers, bunkum or buncombe, tattle, tattle-tale, trash.  Oh, and blabber, blather, blab, maunder, prate, prattle, babble, rattle on, waffle, gabble, prattle and tattle.

    5. Here are some more  British slang  words for nonsense talk.

      Cobblers, bilge, drivel, tripe, baloney, bosh, humbug, rubbish, tommyrot, taradiddle, tarradiddle.

    6. Lastly
      Jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant are nouns that mean a language that is characteristic  of a particular group.

And that’s more than enough of all this talk!



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