What Is The Right Approach To Learning English?

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Learning English as a second language can open up new opportunities in your life from career changes to traveling Learning Englishthe world. ESL teaching methods are optimized by new teaching technologies such as interactive white boards and cutting edge learning materials online and inn the classroom.

The Right Approach to Leaning English

  • Grammar: Be aware of grammar. Take note of how the aspects of grammar in the English language is similar or different to your own language. While reading sentences in English think about the grammar and how it is written.
  • Read English Books: Reading books in English will help you to learn and understand the correct spelling, grammar and meaning of the words in sentences.
  • Focus on Areas of Dififculty: Concentrate on the areas of grammar and language skills which you are finding most difficult for you to understand. It is ok to ask for help from your teacher. By focusing on the troubling aspects of your English grammar you will be able to work through these areas and learn how to speak and write more effectively.
  • Verbs: Learn common irregular verbs.
  • Listen: Listen to as much English as possible. This can be from movies, audio, or listening to English people in class. While listening, concentrate on the vocabulary, pronunciation, and commonly used idioms and expressions.
  • Interacting: Spend as much time interacting with English speakers as you possibly can.
  • Practice: At every given chance practice and use your English speaking or writing skills as you go about your everyday life.
  • Dictionary: Use an English dictionary for any words that you don’t understand the meaning of.


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