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Pronouncing words correctly can be difficult when you’re learning to speak English as a second language. AlthoughPronunciation Games you practice, practice, practice, it can become boring at times, but it doesn’t have to be. The following are some cool pronunciation games which you can play to make your ESL learning experience not only effective but much more enjoyable.

Pronunciation Games

Shadow Reading

Shadow reading is a method that students can use to  help increase their talking skills. This method allows students to have an audio book and try to speak at exactly the same rhythm and speed as the narration on the CD. Once you have think you have mastered this, turn down the sound, and continue reading, and then turn the sound back up to check if your pace is the same as the narrator’s.

Syllables Snap

Students have a specially designed pack of cards which have syllables written on it. When playing, if two cards have the same syllables, the first student to slap their hands down and say “snap” wins the cards which are turned over so far. The winner will have the most cards at the end.

Word Stress Pellmanism

Pellmanism is a pairs/memory game that can be played using the same cards that are used with the snap game. This game works by placing all the card face down on the table. As each student takes their turn, they turn over 2 cards to try and find the same matching syllables. If you don’t find a match you turn the cards back over and the next player has their turn. The student with the most matching cards at the end wins.

The Yes Game!

The Yes game allows students to try and give as many meanings and feelings to the one sentence or word by varying the intonation and stress. Meanwhile the other students take guesses on what feelings/meanings they were trying to convey.

Sound Brainstorming Board Race

This game works by students playing around an alphabet diced board game and landing on specific letters. As each student lands on a letter, everyone has to write down 5 words starting with that letter. At the end of each letter, students must read out their words to the group. The person who has the most correct words, also correctly spelled, at the end wins.



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