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Verbs are a very important aspect of speech. Without them, we wouldn’t have fluent sentences. Verbs can mean past,ONLINE VERB GAMES present, past participle, and present participle. Verbs serve numerous purposes. These include:

  • They express a state of being
  • They give a command
  • They ask questions
  • They make a statement

Verbs are a common part of speech that many ESL students may find confusing. Verbs express action. They are known as “doing” words. Verbs can express a variety of things which include:

  • A physical action – to climb, to write, to swim.
  • A state of being – to appear, to exist, to be.
  • A mental action – to consider, to guess, to think.

In a phrase, verbs which are expressed as a state of being are generally the hardest ones for ESL students to find and comprehend.

Examples Of Physical Verbs

  • Alison bought a ticket
  • The doctor wrote the prescription
  • She sells clothing and shoes

Examples Of Mental Verbs

  • I thought the same thing
  • Peter guessed the right number
  • She considers the job done

Examples Of State Of Being Verbs

  • I am.
  • It was a joke
  • Edwina is the largest animal in this area.

Four Things You Should Know About Verbs

  1. Most verbs express action. Some of the most common action verbs include: talk, run, fall, swim, yell, throw, etc.
  2. Linking verbs are the verbs that join the subject of a sentence to a word or a phrase that tells something about the subject. The most common linking verbs include: be, feel, appear, look, grow, seem, remain, sound, smell, taste, and stay.
  3. Auxiliary verbs are helping verbs which change the mood, voice, and tense of sentences. These include: will, was, shall, may, can, have, do and be.
  4. Verbs can be intransitive and transitive. Transitive verbs take an object. Intransitive verbs don’t take an object and can stand on its own.

Transitive verb example:

  • Jill took the job

Intransitive verb example

  • The TV broke

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