What you Need to Know About Learning English

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To learn the English language, you must approach the task with a mixture of self-discipline and confidence. You what you need to know about learning englishmust be motivated and willing to do what it takes to learn a new language. The following are some ways that you can ensure that your language learning approach is effective and efficient.

Tips For Learning English Faster And More Effectively

  1. Begin by reading an English book for 1 hour of a day. While reading use the dictionary to look up words as well as analyse the grammar in sentences.
  2. Listen to English recordings on audiobooks, while you drive or go about tasks which enable you to be listening while doing. It’s a good idea to stop and replay parts frequently to try and understand what is being said. You should also try to repeat sections of the recording to help you understand how to speak English more fluently. This will help with your pronunciation.
  3. For 30 minutes each day, practice pronunciation of the different English sounds such as the “r”.
  4. Write an email message in English. Once you have written a sentence, use a dictionary to check your vocabulary, spelling and sentence structure and correct as needed. Take your time crafting each sentence.
  5. While walking, construct English sentences in your head and talk to yourself about what you see, what people are wearing, and where you’re planning to go.


Learning English as a second language requires a motivated attitude. Many students who fail at learning English tend to have a negative attitude towards their study. They may associate learning English with boring exercises, English classes, and homework. In order to be successful at learning a new language you need to push through the difficult stages. Or make them more interesting by playing word games with other learners.


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