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slang - get down with your bad self

Slang and American English are in a continual state of change.  Each year the language gets a whole lot of new additions.  Students take the lead in creating slang.  Here are some campus additions to the great tradition of slang …


Common American Slang words

  • All over it – to have things in control.  Ex: “You going to pick up the pizza?” – “Girl, I am all over it”
  • All that  – superior, conceited, arrogant. Ex: “That guy thinks he is all that”
  • Airhead  – stupid person
  • Baggage – emotional issues. Ex: “She has more baggage than an airport!”
  • Commodore – old or slow computer
  • Catch some Z’s – get some sleep
  • Fifteen Minute Rule – a rule which allows students to leave a class when professor is fifteen minutes late or more
  • Freshasaurus – a clueless freshman
  • Like – no meaning, conversation filler. Ex: “He was like, I mean, like so super ticked off that I did not call”
  • My bad – implying fault while apologizing. Ex: “Dude. Who broke the blender?” – “Sorry, my bad”
  • Nada – nothing
  • Playing house – a dating couple who practically live together
  • Prep snooze – the act of sleeping off a big night or in preparation for one
  • Veg out  -relax and do nothing
  • Vanilla – plain or lacking excitement
  • Zombied – to pull an all-nighter

Share some American slang words you like!

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