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Entering an ESL program is an exciting and life-changing decision. Learning the English language provides students WHY ARE YOU LEARNING ENGLISH?opens doors in so many ways – there are simply no downsides to it. When it comes to taking an interest in studying the English language, ask yourself:  “Why am I learning English and what can I achieve from it?” These are good questions to ask of yourself, when you think about your reasons and how why you should be motivated to study English.

Reasons Why You May Be Learning English

  • Communication on an international level with people from other countries.
  • 18% percent of the world’s population speak and/or understands English.
  • The majority of the world’s information and knowledge systems are written or spoken in English.
  • English is the dominant language in academia and advanced education and research.
  • Internet resources are written mostly in English.
  • Opens the door to more career options internationally and locally.
  • Opens the door to more business opportunities.
  • Gives you the ability to expand your business beyond the national market and into international markets.
  • Gives opportunities to finding global partnerships.
  • Allows your business to be marketed to a larger audience.
  • Connect with billions of internet users who speak English.
  • Gives you the opportunity to read more books, watch more movies, and listen to more English songs.
  • Allows you to travel the world while feeling comfortable with communicating your needs in English.

Learning the English language opens many doors to the world that you may have not thought possible. It not only allows you to communicate effectively with people who speak English, some as their native tongue and some as a second language, but it also improves you overall language skills giving you the edge over your peers. So when taking consideration into why you are learning the English language, take pride in knowing that in the end you will have gained so much more than just a new language skills.

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