Halloween ESL Games To Play On Halloween

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Halloween is a time that our TALK students love and always have fun time at. From dressing up, carving pumpkins Halloween ESL Gamesto scaring people, Halloween allows you to explore all that is superstitious in your nature. ESL Students studying through Halloween can also allow Halloween to enter the classroom and make it a learning opportunity! Why not suggest to your teacher that you incorporate some of these fun Halloween ESL games into your class for the day.

Carved Pumpkin Vocabulary

Bring a carved pumpkin into school. Get everyone to write down one word that describes Halloween on the outside of the pumpkin in a circular pattern. The person who writes down the most words without repeating any that has been said wins. The bonus is that the winner gets to keep the pumpkin.

Riveting Reading

Another fun game is to sit in a group with your peers and take turns reading a scary story. Have each person read a paragraph or two depending on their ESL reading skills. By doing this you not only have fun reading a scary story but you also get to practice your English language skills you have learnt throughout the year.

Haunted Writing

Halloween is the best time to try your hand at writing a scary story. As a group everyone can take on a theme such as spiders, snakes, haunted houses or ghosts and write a small scary story using your new English writing skills. Once done, share your scary story with the rest of the class.

Halloween Pictionary

Halloween Pictionary is like regular Pictionary only you have your teacher write down words which relate to Halloween and place them in a box or cup. Each student picks from the words and has to draw what the word means on the board. The student who has the most correct guesses wins the game!

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