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Fluency in the English language requires learning correct grammar, and acquiring the language skills you need to GRAMMAR GAMESensure you read, write and speak proficiently enough for others to understand you easily. The following are some fun grammar games you can play to help make your learning more enjoyable.

Sentence Scrabble

Sentence scrabble is a game similar to regular scrabble, only it writing parts of sentences on pieces of paper, rather than placing all the letters to make up a word on the board. The idea of this game is to try and create grammatically correct sentences using the different words and sentence phrases. The student who creates the most grammatically correct sentences wins.

Play Online Sentence Scrabble

Fill In The Blanks

Print out a page or two from a book and have another student or teacher cover certain words, such as conjunctions (i.e..the/and/that/which/but etc.) which connect parts of a sentence to form the complete sentence. Test your skills with conjunctions by choosing the correct one which complete a sentence.

Play Fill In The Blanks

Grammar Bag Game

The grammar bag game is simple to play. Simply take 8 small paper bags and write on each one the different parts of speech including noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. Line the paper bags up in a row. Now take a piece of paper and write down 10-20 words for each speech category and cut them out individually. Place them into their selected bags. Once this is done simply take out one piece of paper at a time from each bag and try to create a sentence using all these words. The person who has the most grammatically correct sentences wins!

Play The Grammar Bag Game

Learning grammar structure doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. With these simple fun games you too can enjoy your English learning experience while improving your reading, writing, and speaking skills.



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