Some Fun Big Words

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When you learn the English language as a second language, you can’t just learn the little words. If you want some funFun Big Words when learning why not try to see whether you can incorporate some of these fun big words into your vocabulary.

Big Words For ESL Students

  • Acumen – Keenness and quickness of insight or judgement.
  • Accoutrements – Accessories.
  • Auspicious – Prosperous, favourable.
  • Anomalistic – Departure or deviation from the common or normal order, rule, or form; phenomenal.
  • Callipygian – Shapely buttocks.
  • Bellwether – A person who is a leader, first in their class, trendsetter, more ahead of the rest.
  • Circumlocution – The use of indirect language and unnecessarily wordy language. A roundabout expression. Evasion in writing or speech.
  • Concupiscent – Lust, a strong desire of a sexual nature.
  • Coruscant – Glittering, giving forth light flashes.
  • Conviviality – Festive, merry.
  • Cupidity – Excessive or eager desire especially to possess something: Avarice, greed.
  • Cuddlesome – Very cuddly. Suitable for cuddling.
  • Cynosure – An object which is the main attention. Something used as a guide.
  • Equanimity – The quality of being even tempered and calm.
  • Ebullient – Enthusiastic, zestfully so.
  • Gasconading – To brag and to boast.
  • Excogitating – To think or consider something out thoroughly and carefully.
  • Luminescent – Emitting a light which isn’t caused by any heat.
  • Idiosyncratic – Belongs to one’s individual character.
  • Nidificated – To nest.
  • Magnanimous – Unselfish, courageously noble in heart and mind.
  • Oscillator- The person who kisses.
  • Penultimate – The second last of something.
  • Parsimonious – Frugal.
  • Proficuous – Useful, advantageous, profitable.
  • Perspicacious – Showing or having a penetrating mental discernment; as in clear sighted.
  • Perfidiousness – Betrayal of a trust.
  • Saxicolous – One which lives under a rock.
  • Remunerative – Providing or serving profitability.
  • Sesquipedalian – A person who uses big words.
  • Unencumbered – Not burdened, free of responsibilities and cares.
  • Superabundant – Abundantly excessive.
  • Usufruct – The right to enjoy and use something which belongs to another as long as there are no damages which have altered the property.
  • Winebibber – A person who drinks a lot of wine.
  • Unparagoned –Peerless, matchless, having no equal.


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