How Fluent Are You?

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The English language is a difficult language for some learners. However, given the correct training with the qualifiedHow Fluent Are You?teachers, learning English can be a positive experience for ESL students. When studying, one common mistake that many students make is to place all their effort on study of English grammar rather than on conversational English. For students to become fluent English speakers, it is important to remember that English is used for communication and therefore this should come before memorizing strict grammatical rules.

Another important aspect that many people overlook is the advantages of listening to how native English speakers talk. Many ESL students have said that they have to understand what other people are saying, before they have can speak confidently and fluently. Being able to understand those around you will help you to use the language and vocabulary effectively. Limiting yourself to social circles where English is not spoken will prevent you from making steady progress in speaking fluent English. Immersing yourself in the language will force you to learn English faster.

Just like in every language, many native English speakers will use slang or clichés, which may confuse you. If this is the case, it is totally ok to ask them what they mean. By interpreting and understanding all the different phrases you will reach your goal of becoming fluent in English faster.

Determining how fluent you are in the English Language comes down to how well you speak and whether native English speakers can understand you easily. The three core elements to fluency include written proficiency, English cultural experience and spoken English skills. Once all these three core elements are mastered, you will find that your English reading, writing and speaking ability will be in top form.


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