Essential American Slang Expressions You Should Know

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When learning English as a second language there are some expressions that you may not learn during this time, and American Slang Expressionsthese are slang expressions. Slang expressions refer to sentences which say one thing but mean another. The following are some American slang expressions which you may encounter while living in the USA.

Essential American Slag Words


The word awesome is a popular slang word which is used right across the USA. This word expresses something as amazing. It can be used as one word or in a sentence.

  • Example 1)

“What did you think of Star Wars?”

“I loved it! It was awesome!” (meaning the movie was great).

  • Example 2)

“I’ll pick you up at 3 pm, okay?”

“Awesome.” (It shows you are ok with being picked up at 3pm).

Cool (Adjective)

Cool doesn’t just mean cold. The word cool can be used as a slang expression to mean fantastic or great. It means you’re ok with doing something or with an idea. To understand how it is said in a sentence you have to listen to the context of the sentence.

  • Example 1)

“How’s the weather in America these days?”

“It’s really starting to get cooler. Winter’s almost here!” (This literal means cold)

  • Example 2)

“What did you think of my new girlfriend?”

“She seemed like a cool girl. I liked her!” (She seemed like a great girl). 

  • Example 3)

“I’m throwing a birthday party next week. Do you want to come?”

“Cool! I’d love to!”

Beat (adjective)

Normally beat might meat musical beat, however beat can mean something different when it comes to slang expressions.

  • If you hear a friend say “He beat him up” it means that someone punched another person.
  • If you hear a friend say “I’m beat” it means their very tired.
  • If you hear a friend say “They beat the other team” it means they won over the other team.
  • Example 1)

“What happened to that poor man? He has bruises on his face!”

“He was beat up by a robber!”

  • Example 2)

“You look beat, what have you been doing?”

“I’ve been helping my grandfather with yard work all day!”

  • Example 3)

“Yes, they beat the other team!”

“You mean they actually won over the Cowboys?”

Wheels (Noun)

You may hear someone referring to their wheels but they don’t have any wheels in sight. Well wheels means having a vehicle – a motorbike, car, truck etc.

  • Example 1)

“Hey, can you please pick me up at 8?”

“Sorry, I won’t be able to. I don’t have my wheels at the moment?”

  • Example 2)

“Nice wheels!”

“Thanks, my dad gave it to me as a birthday present!”



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