ESL Vocabulary Games That Will Get You Engaged

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Vocabulary games can be a great way of learning the English language more effectively. Not only do they teach you ESL Vocabulary Gamesthe different words in English but they also offer you an interactive and fun way of studying. The following are some ESL vocabulary games that will get you engaged in your study.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a fast-paced peer learning game which improves vocabulary skills. To play this game you need to stand in a group circle with your classmates and have someone holding a ball. Next, name a theme or category including things found in food, the kitchen, living room, or at work etc. Begin the game by tossing the ball to a student in the circle. That student has to shout a word which is in relation to the theme before they throw the ball on to a new student. This student must then think of a new word within a few seconds before throwing the ball again. If the student repeats a word that any other student says, or can’t think of a relevant word, then they must sit out. Change the theme until there’s only one person left. The last student standing is the winner.


Pictionary is one of the most popular word drawing games. To play each student has to choose a word from the Pictionary cards and slowly draw what the word means on the chalk board or on a piece of paper. As you continue to draw your picture, other students must try to guess what the word/picture is. The student that guesses the most correct drawings wins.

20 Objects

This game is to test your memory and your vocabulary skills. Find 20 objects and lay them out on an empty desk top. With your peers take a quick look at all the objects on the table. Each student can take turns by removing one object at a time while the other students don’t watch. The students than have to guess what object is missing and correctly name it by writing it down on a piece of paper and spelling it out. At the end of the game the student who guesses correctly wins.


Categories is a fun game which can really test ESL student’s knowledge of the world, as well as language skills and writing skills. To play categories you simply take a piece of paper and draw up 6 to 8 columns. At the top of these columns you name each one with a specific theme. These can be:

  • Boy’s names
  • Girls names
  • Country
  • Food
  • Movie
  • Animal
  • Town
  • City

Next choose a random letter from the alphabet and at the same time all students need to write down a word that corresponds with the each of the categories and that begin with the letter from the alphabet. If 2 people get same word they receive 5 points. If you have a word no one else has you get 10 points. The person with the most points at the end wins.


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