Best New Words That Are Trending Today

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Without words, we couldn’t communicate so well to each other. In today’s world there are many new words that Best New Wordsmany people say which turn into a trend. The following are some of the best new words which you can use to be a part of the trend.

Best Trending Words To Date

  • Beast Mode – Going all out in excess. The take no prisoner style where nothing is off limits.
  • For Convenience – This is an explanation that Hillary Clinton used when she used a private email address for business associated to the State Department.
  • Thugs – Thugs were used by the President to describe rioters in Baltimore. It means people who do terrible things.
  • Deflate Gate – This means pushing any rules to the limit. Trying your best to give yourself the best advantage by pushing the rules as far as you can.
  • Deep Learning – The words used for techniques that push for machines to become closer to intelligence.
  • Anthropocene – A geologic epoch acknowledgement that humans influence the Earth.
  • Digital Darkness – A point in time when access to digital information isn’t possible.
  • Invisible Primaries – Follow the money.
  • Near Nude – Little coverage while being naked.
  • Evolve – Something that has transformed into something new but still maintains its original form.
  • Intelligence Explosion – An overwhelming release of intelligence and information at the one time.
  • Almond Shaming – This targets the people who use excessive water when it’s not supposed to be used. Example: during a drought.

These are just some of the new words trending at the moment. By understanding these words you too can easily use them at the appropriate times to become trendy as well. So why not improve your vocabulary today and see whether you can enjoy the trendiness of some brand new words while sounding smart at the same time.

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