10 Of The Best and Wittiest Phrases in English

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Words are powerful when used correctly in sentences. They can mean so much and make you sound intelligent. TheBest and Wittiest Phrases in English following are 10 of the best and wittiest words and phrases in English which you can used to make you sound more versed in the English language.

Words That Make You Sound More Intelligent


  • Sophrosyne means a healthy state of mind which is characterized by deep awareness, moderation and self-control of one’s true self that results in true happiness.
  • Pronunciation |“so-frO-‘sU-nA


  • Vorfreude means the intense, joyful anticipation which comes from imagining future pleasures.
  • Pronunciation |‘for-froi-duh


  • An experience which makes you fascinated yet fearful, attracted yet awed. The personal feeling and power of being inspired and overwhelmed at the same time.
  • Pronunciation |‘nU-mi-nus


  • A person who loves the forest, its solitude and beauty. A haunter of the woods.
  • Pronunciation |ne-‘mo-fe-list


  • The trail of something that someone or something has left after they have gone. The trace of someone’s perfume, the trail left in the water, the scent which lingers in the air, the impression that is made in a space where someone or something has left.
  • Pronunciation |‘sE-yazh


  • The experiences both negative and positive that we feel the deepest. These feelings are what we would truly live and not mere experiences but general profound experiences.
  • Pronunciation |Ar-‘lEb-nis-e (ayr-LEEB-nis-eh)
  • Singular |Erlebnis


  • A way of life that is so out of balance that you need a new way to balance it out.
  • Pronunciation |koy-an-Es-kot-sA


  • The belief that the world can get better and that humans can improve the world.
  • Pronunciation |‘mE-lE-or-iz-m


  • A desirable ache for visiting distant places. The craving for travel.
  • Pronunciation |FEIRN-veyh, with fei as in feint


  • The encouragement of people to see the most common object as unfamiliar, wild or strange. To defamiliarize what we know as normal and different to understand it more deeply.
  • Pronunciation |‘os-tra-“nen-E


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