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Our 3 students at TALK San Francisco – Maria, Nicole, and Amalia have been having a great time at TALK. They love learning English from our excellent teachers and meeting new people and making friends from all over the globe.

TALK San Francisco’s teachers are awesome

Talk TeachersMaria Moreno arrived with her family from Spain in the Bay Area because of her husband’s profession, which required them to settle close to Silicon Valley.  TALK San Francisco is on the campus of Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont California, in Silicon Valley, so when Maria was looking for an English school near her, the answer was obvious.

international student

                              Maria Moreno

“I came with my husband and my children to California in July and we will be here until next June. We chose Silicon Valley area because of professional reasons. On the other hand, I am a Literature and Spanish teacher in an American school in Spain and this is a unique opportunity for me to improve my English.”

Not only has the decision resulted in Maria’s English skills getting better every day, but it has also given her the opportunity to make friends in a new place.

“When you are abroad, it can be difficult to find opportunities to meet people and practice the language. I started studying at Talk in August and my intention is to continue until April. When I finish my course, I am sure that I will have some very close friends among my classmates.”

She has settled into the TALK way of life and loves the relaxed and warm atmosphere at the school: “What I like the most is that there are a very friendly students and teachers community where you can speak with confidence regardless of your level of English.”

“When I come back to Madrid I know I will miss our long and stimulating daily conversations… in English!!”

nicole and talk teachers

                    Nicole Martins

Nicole Martins is from Brazil and she has been impressed by the teachers, most of all. Says Nicole, “I’m having a great time at TALK. The teachers are nice and they are always worried about our learning process.”

Plus, she loves the diversity of nationalities and cultures which make up the TALK student body:

“The opportunity  to meet students from all over the world makes our experience even better because we can learn other cultures and discover how the same thing works

Talk teachers and Amalia

     Amalia De Alarcao

in every country.”



Fellow Brazilian, Amalia De Alarcao also rates the teachers highly:

“My teacher has been excellent. I came here two months ago and I couldn’t speak English. I have a good teacher. She explains things well and she has great attention for students.”







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