Q&A with TALK San Francisco at NDNU student Jenny Chae

 In San Francisco

We spoke to TALK San Francisco student Jenny Chae about her first impressions of the school. And why TALK San Francisco was a perfect choice of English school.

TALK San Francisco student Jenny Chae – a Q&A

How did you feel when you first arrived in the U.S?
At first, everything was just unfamiliar for me, so I felt nervous. But I could adapt to this environment soon thanks to kind people, host family, teachers, and friends.

Tell us about your first day of school…
Teachers at TALK San Francisco explained everything about school clearly so I felt comfortable and excited to start a new life in U.S, even though I was in an unfamiliar place.

Tell us about the friends you’ve made…
I have made a lot of friends from various countries – Japan, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, etc.

How will this experience impact your future?
It is a good experience for me to learn various cultures and broaden my perspectives as well as learn English and American culture.

Tell us about your favorite teacher…
My favorite teacher in my school is Mary who teaches vocabulary and grammar. Every day before the class starts, she tries to have a short conversation with us as a warm-up.   She also teaches us useful vocabulary words and grammar clearly.

What’s your favorite thing about the school?
Every class consists of a small group of students, so I have a lot of chances to speak in English with the teacher and friends in class. Also, the school activity calendar at TALK San Francisco is filled with meaningful and interesting things to do.

How do you spend your time outside of school?
If I don’t have a school activity, after school I usually go to a restaurant to have lunch and go to a cafe to drink coffee with my friends. On weekends, I like to go see tourist attractions.

Tell us about your favorite trip with your schoolmates…
Yosemite camping is my favorite trip that I took with my schoolmates. It was the first time for me to camp and sleep in a sleeping bag. And the park was so gorgeous. We had a barbecue, ate marshmallows, played games, sang a song, and watched the stars from evening to night.


Jenny Chae, Korea
TALK San Francisco at NDNU

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