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Alba Iriela Munoz sat down with TALK San Francisco’s Assistant School Director, Charles Iyoho, to talk about TALK San Francisco and her experience studying here, what she loved most about TALK San Francisco.

testimonial about TALK san francisco

Yogini and TALK English School Student,  Alba Munoz

The best things about TALK San Francisco

Where are you from?
Bogotá, Colombia

Why did you decide to learn English?
English is a necessary tool in the pursuit my advanced education, personal and professional goals. I think it will help me get a job in the future.

Why San Francisco?
Because it is the city where I have chosen to live. San Francisco and the Bay Area are multicultural with an open mind and a cozy feeling. The opportunity to be in an environment with native speakers is great -something I could not do in Colombia- and gives me a lot of confidence. In five months, I have really improved my English.

What is the best thing about learning English at TALK?
The best thing about learning English at Talk is our teachers. Anyone can learn English but how quickly, how easily and how well? The way the teachers at Talk teach is active, involving us in the lesson, being interested in each one of us. They give us feedback which makes learning enjoyable and helps us to achieve our goals.

What is the best thing about being in San Francisco?
People are very kind and there is a diverse environment with many different foods. You could have a different plan every day. It’s really all about the people, culture and technology.

Have you managed to make good friends at the school, and also on campus with people from this country?
My friends are from everywhere. I have known the best from many countries through each one of them. They have been part of my learning process. We share together at TALK and hang out, are able to have that family atmosphere but with the advantages of enjoying the large Bay Area.

What will you miss most about TALK San Francisco and San Francisco when you return home to Colombia?
I am at home.

Would you recommend TALK to your friends back home?
I would recommend this experience to everyone!


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