A Big Thank-you to TALK Miami Teachers

 In Miami

Three students from TALK Miami – Pamela and Maria from Colombia and Gregorio from Venezuela – volunteered to talk to us about their experience at TALK, and in particular to rave about the TALK Miami teachers. This is really a hallmark of TALK schools – our teachers are skilled, experienced and love their jobs, and it shows! Of course, the location of the school in the heart of Miami’s busy Brickell Avenue is an added bonus to the students’ fantastic experience at the school and the excellence of the TALK Miami teachers!

Students on TALK Miami Teachers – in their own words


Students talk TALK Miami teachers

Pamela Velasquez

Pamela Velasquez – COLOMBIA

I started at Talk Miami as a low beginner and currently, I’m a high advanced student.  I love to come to school every day. I feel at home and I have perfect attendance – 100% since the beginning.   I like all the teachers I’ve had through all the levels.  They all have different backgrounds and the population of the center is very diverse.  So it has helped me develop all my abilities, mainly listening and speaking.  My teachers are very dedicated and patient. I never get “NO” for an answer; our questions are never obvious or silly.  They use practical communication in a friendly classroom environment.  So now, I feel confident when I communicate with other people in the street.  I recommend this program to my family and friends!

Students talk TALK Miami teachers

Gregorio Rocamora


Talk Miami is my second home.  I like the school very much and I have improved my skills taking General English and TOEFL classes.  I think this is an excellent English Program in which I learn a lot of vocabulary.  The TALK Miami teachers are excellent, very patient, and friendly.  During the break time, I can reach them to discuss about different topics.  I have fun with them and with my friends.


Maria Alejandra Sanchez Forero – COLOMBIA

Students talk TALK Miami teachers

Maria Forero

I always have fun in my classes.  Our classes are super dynamic.  We practice all the abilities every day, speaking, listening, reading, and writing and time flies because we are having fun as we learn!  Our teachers make us feel confident and they recognize our needs and strengths, so they help us to improve through each level.  The school environment is amazing!  Marianela welcomes me every morning with a smile and teachers and students are very friendly.  I plan to come back next year with a student visa.

Let’s have a big shout-out for our TALK Miami teachers!


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