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beach weather south florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach

September is still beach weather in Florida! Along with many fun local activities in and around the school this month, TALK Fort Lauderdale students will be heading south to Miami quite a bit this September.  Having celebrated Labor Day at the beginning of the month, and now that Fall is on the way, the weather cools slightly and outdoor activities become more comfortable. But make no mistake, this month is still ideal beach weather in South Florida.

Beach Weather means Beach Activities for TALK Fort Lauderdale students

The beach calls, as it does for most of the year.  But the water is cooler, as are the beach sands which, in summer, can be too hot for your feet to handle. Also, September is low season for tourists, so the beaches are uncrowded. The students can spend an afternoon on South Beach, swimming, sunning or just taking in historic Art Deco architecture and the colorful parade of visitors and locals as they bicycle, cruise in big cars, rollerblade, run, amble down Ocean Drive.

Another beach which we visit is Hollywood Beach, to the north of South Beach but south of Fort Lauderdale.  This beach and boardwalk/walkway has a different kind of character which is no less charming.  There is no street adjacent to the beach, but rather a pedestrian/cyclist/rollerblade path which is overlooked by stores, restaurants and bars.  It’s more intimate than South Beach, more family friendly, less glamorous, but that makes it laid back and unfussy.  And one thing you will surely find in common with South Beach – a passing parade of exhibitionists, eccentrics, and unusual characters.

Back down in Miami we will be visiting two animal sanctuaries – the fabulous Miami Zoo with its open design and large spaces for the animals that live there is well worth a visit. Rated one of the top 10 zoos in the USA,  this 340-acre zoo showcases more than 3,000 animals including koalas, tigers, and elephants.  There are various specialty areas such as: the 27-acre Amazon and Beyond, Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station, and Humpy’s Camel Rides.

And then swing back up north to the world famous Jungle Island – and you will see a fantastic array of animals that you won’t see at the zoo!  Building upon a rich tradition that began in 1936, Jungle Island is home to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic animals. From every Parrot species to cockatiels, macaws, flamingos and penguins, to primates, reptiles, lynxs and – yes, pigs, this is a sight that is so rich in variety and rarity that it’s a must see in Miami.

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