Why teaching English is so rewarding

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TALK English Schools Boston ESL teacher Jack Crowley is a Boston native, so who better to guide our students when it comes not only to teaching English but also sharing his knowledge about the city, its culture, history and those best-kept secrets that only a local would know!

Teaching English as a High School Student

teaching English as an ESL teacher

Jack Crowley – TALK English Schools Boston teacher who is a true Bostonian!

While at high school, Jack worked at a pizzeria, where, he explains he had his first experience of teaching English:

“A lot of the staff there were from Latin America. They were all trying to learn English and I had such a good time watching and helping them learn that I knew I wanted to be an English teacher. I went to the University of New Hampshire and studied English and philosophy. I started teaching shortly after graduating and the years have flown by since.”

Jack started teaching English at TALK English Schools Boston in September of 2015. He finds it very satisfying to be able to teach the English language to non-native speakers, and to students from all over the world.

“Having quality English language communication skills is an essential aspect of keeping up in today’s globalized world. When a student has a good command of the English language, they open themselves up to so many more opportunities. It is no coincidence that people come to TALK English Schools from all over the world to learn English.”

Jack loves the process of teaching and the interaction he has with his students from the early stages of learning to the stage at which they realize they have mastered a new and difficult skill.

“My favorite part about teaching English is watching students slowly progress. The process reminds of watching a child grow up. They may get frustrated by what they think is their lack of progress but as a teacher I know how they really are progressing more than they realize. It is so fulfilling to witness students start to express themselves confidently in English over time.”

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