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Ed and Mary – English Teachers at TALK Fort Lauderdale

Who better to advise ESL students how to best learn to speak English than ESl teachers themselves. Teachers tips are based on years of experience of teaching  English to non-native speakers, and they know the most common mistakes that are made when it comes to learning. Here are four of our TALK teachers tips to improve your language skills.

ESL Teachers Tips to Students

Mary Rotundo
Instructor at TALK Fort Lauderdale at SFEC

“Try to own the language..”

Keep your eyes peeled!!!! Be alert, you don’t learn vocab only from your teachers; the world is talking to you if you are only willing to listen.
Read juice and cereal cartons, listen to the radio, watch TV shows and set your facebook and cellphone profiles to English. Make it a habit of going to the movies at least once a week and do try ordering your cold cuts from the supermarket deli. Buy an address book and fill it with your new words, quotes, poems and recipes, make it your personal glossary. Try to own the language, go shopping for make-up, shoes and car insurance in English!!!!!

Ed Gregory
Instructor at TALK Fort Lauderdale at SFEC

Read as much as possible every day.  Get out and meet the native speakers as often as possible.  Separate yourself from speakers of your own language and try to embrace your surroundings.


Mary – Teacher at TALK San Francisco

Mary Moreno
Instructor at TALK San Francisco at NDNU

Keep a small pocket-sized notebook or iPhone handy to jot down new words. These can be reviewed easily and frequently. Also if students watch American TV, they should not watch the news or sports. Drama or sitcoms are best for conversational vocabulary.


English Teacher in Boston

Amanda – Teacher at TALK Bosto

Amanda Gaspar
Instructor at TALK Boston at Regis College

It’s hard NOT to learn English when you’re surrounded by it here in Boston. So I suggest that students do just that: surround yourself with English-speaking friends, listen carefully to English music, watch American movies and television shows, and read whatever you can get your hands on.

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