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Welcome to TALK English Schools‘ new location on the prestigious campus of Regis College!  Regis, founded in 1927, is located in beautiful Weston, MA, an upscale, affluent suburb of Boston. Study on the 132-acre wooded Regis campus and explore the nearby vibrant professional, educational and cultural life of Boston, known as the “the Athens of the Americas” with more than 100 colleges and universities and 250,000 students. There is frequent shuttle service from Regis to the closest train station.

summer fun in boston

Regis College in Summer

TALK English students come from all over the world. The mixture of languages and cultures creates a fascinating international atmosphere. Our “English Only” policy means that everyone uses English exclusively. The American students and staff from Regis are always delighted to welcome and get to know our international students. Making new friends from America is part of the experience. TALK students will also have the opportunity to observe college classes in order to understand how the American way of teaching differs from that in their country.

At TALK we really want our students to have fun! We organize a schedule of daily activities, which guarantees that the students will never be bored and are immersed in learning English, all day, every day. International food festivals, boat tours, shopping trips, museums, concerts, theater, sporting events, guided tours of historic New England and visits to the famous campuses of Harvard and MIT are organized for TALK students so that they will experience a complete cultural immersion into the history and customs of the United States. Many of the activities are free and others are offered at special budget rates.

Talk English Schools’ intensive English program is located in Regis College’s main building and classes are taught in spacious state-of-the-art classrooms. International students live at Domitilla Hall, which includes a main lounge for socializing with flat screen TV, couches, and tables. Each floor has its own kitchen and study lounges, and there is also a laundry facility on the ground floor. Residents enjoy the comforts of living with the safety of a staffed security desk, new card access entry, and a warm atmosphere of a welcoming and close-knit community of students.

TALK students are given privileges to use all the Regis College facilities on campus, including tennis courts, competitive- length swimming pool, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, bookstore, drugstore, fine arts center, 24/7 cafeteria, library, post office and computer labs. Campus police provide security 24/7.

So come to TALK English Schools at Regis and begin your experience of a lifetime.

NOTE: TALK English Schools Boston has since moved to a new location in downtown Boston!  See more.

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